Headphones, HD mode and full screen highly recommended. 

The Sasha

2019. 20 minutes. 

On 1972 the astronaut Charles Duke landed on the Moon on the Apollo XVI. He was in charge of taking photos of the lunar surface with a high-resolution camera.

‘The Sasha’ is a film about the human perspective on Earth and our constant struggle with our temporal and spatial limitations. From the exploration of space to cyberspace, from an analogue Moon in 1972 to a virtual Moon in Google Earth today. A story about parallel universes where eternity seems to be lost between frames and interfaces.

Distribution: EYE Film Institute & LIMA Collection

Festivals and exhibitions:

– International Film Festival Rotterdam  (Tigger Wards Competition)

– BFI London Film Festival (Create Competition)

– Indie Lisboa (International Competition)

– Goshorts (Dutch Competition)

– Oberhausen Film Festival

– VIS Vienna Shorts

– La Roche-sur-Yon International Film Festival (Nouvel Vague Competition)

– European Film Festival Sevilla (Panorama competition) 

– London Science Museum

– Washignton National Gallery


– EXIS Festival (Seoul)

– Curtocircuito International Film Festival 

– International Independent Film Festival de Mar de la Plata. Festifreak 

– Imagine. Science Film Festival. New York

– Inscience Film Festival

– Istambul Experimenta Film Festival

– LIMA Collection

– EYE FILM Museum

– Into the Great Wide Open Festival (Session curated by IFFR)

Fly me to the Moon.  Exhibition for the 50th aniversary of the Man on the Moon (Hague)

– Kriterion Cinema (Amsterdam). Screening as part of the dutch premier of the documentary Apollo 11.


RADAR Jury Award ( Curtocircuito International Film Festival)