The Sasha

2019. 21 minutes. In postproduction.

In the traditional beliefs of some Central African societies, there is an ontological state between the living and the dead. This third time and place is inhabited by a category of spirits called the Sasha, those still remembered by the living.

In 1972 the astronaut Charles Duke lands on the Moon on the Apollo XVI mission. He is in charge of taking photos of the lunar surface with a high-resolution camera, a Hasselblad 1000. The third day, at the end of his last moonwalk, Charles takes a very meaningful photograph: A picture of a picture he has taken with him to the Moon, his family portrait. 

The Sasha is a film about humanity’s constant struggle with our temporal and spatial limitations. From the exploration of space to cyberspace, from a family portrait to a photograph of the Earth, from an analogue Moon in 1972 to a virtual Moon in Google Earth today. A story about parallels universe where eternity seems to be lost between frames and interfaces.