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The Refuge

“This life is a bore…for real fun war”

Meanwhile a group of men try to locate an enemy airfield from an aeroplane, on the land bellow some people deal with a common fear: the fear of forgetting.

In the middle of nowhere in La Mancha, Spain, there is an old lady obsess with the Spanish Civil War, a girl filming compulsively with a camera, and a group of bunker hunters using GPS technology to find lost remains from the war.

María Molina´s film “The Refuge” examines the growing fear of forgetting in our society through the story of a girl who became obsess with her grandmother dementia delirium: how she ended working in a propaganda film at the end of the Spanish Civil War. This obsession will lead her to an exploration of forgetting -through different perspectives-, trying to understand what part of our identity remains when memory disappears.

Rather than drown into nostalgia, The Refuge is a film that invites the viewer to rethink the role of forgetting in memory and its importance in individual and collective terms.

The project was selected by the artist Omer Fast to participate at The Forecast Forum 2018 at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin)

In production