120 Rue Lafayette, Paris. Communist Party Headquarters 1936. International Headquarters for the recruitment of the International Brigades. Building reconstructed in 3D.

Facade Rue Lafayette 120. Modified with posters of that time calling for the recruitment of brigadiers and with images of brigadiers that, like ghosts from the past, seem to inhabit the interior of the building, bringing together the past and the present.

Virtual Time

2011. Experiment Digital media.

Virtual Time is an experiment to visualice the past of places and building in its virtual construction in Google Earth.

The experiment reconstruct the trip of the International Brigades to Spain during the Spanish Civil War. To recreate this trip some historical places (that were part of this journey) were built in 3D and inhabited by digital ghosts from the past. 

The historical journey  and the buildings were published online.  Google Earth users could access to them until the 3D review process was retired by Google on October 2013.