One Year Life Strata

2017. 3 channel interactive video installation (online platform + 3d printed sculpture)

During one year María Molina Peiró carried a wearable camera taking a photo every 30 seconds. The enormous collection of photos collected by the camera are shown in an online archive that instead of “remembering” creates a creative amnesia of her year´s digital memory.

One Year Life Strata proposes a visual metaphor of forgetting by transforming the digital images into what is likely the ultimate memory trace that will remain from us: The geological record. The project, in a sort of digital geology, mines the data from the strata and invites to investigate one year of María Molina Peiro´s life through a AI vision system which doesn’t concerned about the personal memories include on those photos but in the collection of patterns and numbers they contain.

Today that we have the tools to remember and archive almost everything, forgetting has become a term very close to death raising very similar fears. One Year Life Strata wants to overcome this fear and embrace forgetting in a game of time scales, where the speed of Digital Time is buried into a time difficult for us to grasp, the slow Deep Time.

Tags: Future Fossils, Digital Forgetting, Data Mining, Obsolescence, Mortality, Deep Time, Anthropocene, technofossil, AI, Fear of forgetting, Total Recall, Surveillance,  Digital Memory.


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Reencontres Internationales (Paris/Berlin)

ISEA Korea 2019. 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art. Seoul

EYE Film Museum. Amsterdam

22th Videomeja Festival. Bogdanka Poznanovic Award for best Media Installation

AHK Jury award. Amsterdam

Aesthetica art prize finalist. York

Bloom Awards finalist. Dusseldorf

BAM Festival. Liege

Modern Body Festival. The Hague

HUMAN SOVEREIGNTY. Robota Center. Pistori Palace. Bratislava



INSPIRATION: One year Life Strata is inspired in geomodeling and geo-data aesthetics


One day Life Strata

In September 2016, I decide to do a little experiment in order to visualice how the outcome of the final project will look. For the experiment, I used photos from just one day of 2015. Within the vast archive I picked the day my daughter Luisa was born.

In order to depict the strata I went through all the photos of that day (1253 digital photos) drawing in colors just the bottom and the left side of each photo, as if they were a layer of strata. It took me about 40 hours to draw the whole day strata section.

In the drawing, I also trace the GPS data (from my home to the hospital). At the end I inserted a memory card with all the photos of the that day in one of the black holes I made in the drawing.

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